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International Bocce Tournament Championship Division, results are in!

Congratulations to this years winners! 4th place: “Bocce Butts”  Pete Buttitta, Steve Buttitta, Don Buttitta Jr., Janet Buttitta 3rd place: “Friends and Familia”  Rick Lynn, Jason Lynn, Jason Bailey, Si Johnson 2nd place: “Ligers”  Jeff Pierce, Brian Keim, Ray Beer, Matt Cox 1st place: “I Quattro Camaratos”  Matt Camarato, Andrew Camarato, Atony Camarato, Aaron Camarato

International Bocce Tournament: Open Division – results are in!

The winners of Sunday’s International Bocce Tournament, Open Division are as follows: 4th place: “Bocce Con Vino”    Jim Storch, Marilyn Storch, David Boston, Kathy Boston 3rd place: “Bocce Me Amore”     Bill Lipscomb, Debby Bussler, Herschel Gregge, Ted James 2nd place: “Hellenys”    Peggy Snyder, Nick Snyder, Andy Hulten, Brian Gordon 1st place: “The Drinking Team with […]

Grape Stomping Good Time!

This years grape stomp was filled with action, suspense, and harsh judging not seen since Simon Cowell.  Beating the odds, these three teams were able to stomp their way to victory! View the Photos First place: The Thornton Chef Trio: Marty, Kari, and Crystal Second place:  Mamma Mias: Verna, Steph, and Kim Third place: T-shirt […]

Pasta Sauce Contest Winners

Who can beat a contest like the best pasta sauce?  While the rest of us are trying to burn off this year’s Festa calories, these three chefs will be enjoying their prize money and making more pasta. 1st place $100:  Ruth Maynor 2nd place $50:  Charlene Wayley 3rd place $25:   Jack Maynor Congratulations to our […]

Adult-Child Bocce Winners

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bocce today and had a great time! This years winners include: 4th place:  Team Tacchi:  Steve Tacchi, Mike Meranda, Don Ortale, Leah Tacchi 3rd place: Ortale:  Anthony Cianciolo, Vince Tacchi, Kate Lynn Ortale, Lucas Spezia 2nd place:  Kids Rule:  Dakota Josten, Darren Josten, Butch Woodcock, Corie Woodcock 1st […]