These Volunteers are Winners!


Where would any self-respecting city of Italian heritage be without a Bocce Court? The Bocce Club Complex, in the 300 block of West Walnut, has been a labor of love for a hard-working group of Herrinites. Steve Hampton and his wife Kelly; Rick and Kathy Lynn; Rick Alegnani; and the Hamann family – Karl, Diane, and Donnie; are who keep Herrin Bocce “rolling”.

Steve Hampton is a man of few words, who keeps a very low profile. He built the bocce facility – the courts and all of the brick work. Every year he floods the courts before HerrinFesta, and then levels them. He designed and put in the landscaping, and with his wife Kelly’s help, keeps it trimmed and weeded.

Rick Alegnani will never say “no” when asked to help out with everything from electrical glitches, to judging tournaments, or grooming the courts.

Any time a tournament is going on during Festa, Rick and Kathy Lynn will be on hand to work in any capacity. Rick can usually be seen judging, and Kathy is in charge of concessions.

Karl and Diane Hamann are avid bocce players, and are involved in tournaments nearly year-round. But during HerrinFesta they do the judging. Their son Donnie helps prepare the courts, and is usually participating in tournament play.

Join in the fun! Bocce is an Italian game, and during HerrinFesta Italiana, the balls are rolling, and the competition is fierce. Give a shout out to our Festa volunteers, and while you’re at it, say “Ciao!” and “Grazie mille!”