A Message from the Festa President

Hello everyone, and thanks so much to all of you that are “pitching in” to help the Herrinfesta committee, Chamber of Commerce, Herrin Civic center and City of Herrin in our efforts to setup and proceed with Herrinfesta 2009!

When the terrible storm hit us last week, it seemed like no one was spared it’s rath.  Herrin though is proving to be very mighty.  There are also many Herrinites and volunteers proving to be very mighty in assisting us in Herrinfesta’s setup, and for that I am very thankful.

HerrinFesta will continue as planned.

We are planning to put on a wonderful and mighty event for our great community.  I just wanted to say thanks, and remember, when it comes to Herrinfesta Italiana—-EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND EVERYONE IS NEEDED!!!

Cris Trapani
President of Herrinfesta 2009