LoCash Cowboys New Album – “Here Comes Summer”

Review by Matthew Fortuna

Fresh out of the same country attitude and lifestyle that brought you ZZ Top, Charlie Daniels and Big & Rich, the Lo Cash Cowboys are about three things: music, rocking and fun. A perfect equation for summer songs, the Cowboys’ first single “Here Comes Summer” looks to be an anthem of beaches, bonfires and beer bashes around the country.

The band comes from the bars, packed houses and small venues of Nashville , and sound like a group letting loose and crafting their sound in the good times of the saloons and amped up crowds. The Cowboys consist of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, and have done venues as diverse as NBA all star games and pit stops throughout the south. Discovered by songwriting legend Jeffrey Steele, the group’s first album, This Is How We Do It, is an ode to summer, country, farm living and getting down.

The standout single “Here Comes Summer” is a staple of the group’s live show, and the Trace Adkins-influenced vocal gives the guys a chance to have some fun with the audience, do some things with their voice and give some energy to each verse. Guitar riffs kick off the song and each verse climaxes to the chorus announcing the inevitable: here comes summer.

With iPods and volleyball courts, crowds hanging out and waking up at noon , the song is a “Beer Run” for 2010, a toned down “Barefoot and Crazy” and a fun look at the summer, in the vein of “Chattahoochie.” Fans likely will never get tired of songs about driving out to the lake, and because of the clear talent of the Lo Cash Cowboys, they will have something to sing about in their pick ups and barbecues every time.

The Cowboys are young country and raucous country, and just as they have rocked the smaller venues of the south, fans can expect to see their stock rising through the concert circuits of 2010, and can expect potential hits in “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y” and “Fresh Off the Farm.”

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